How old were you when you got into jazz music

My friend Boaz won free tickets to a jazz festival. To me the coolest part about winning tickets to a jazz festival is telling people you won tickets to a jazz festival, but they usually respond with “How was it?” so we had to go. 

As soon as we got there I realized that maybe for Boaz the best thing about winning tickets to a jazz festival might be listening to the jazz music, which is another example of how interesting it is to be friends with people with very different opinions than you. 

I liked the woman at the beginning of the show because she had seven different singing voices, including that low voice people use when they do impressions:

My ad was for a race car. What was yours for?

And also I didn’t like this woman because I think she’s twenty-three which means she’s three years ahead of me in the “be a cool jazz singer with cool hair and white glasses” game. I lose that game every time.

Then that woman left (her name was Cecile McLorin Salvant) and more people came onstage and it got really LATE, like dark in the theater and the music got relaxing and I felt very warm and later Boaz told me the exact moment I fell asleep was during a very loud drum solo. Which seems like something an old person would do. But it also seems like something a newborn baby would do. So maybe I’m just staying the same age? 

Twenty-six is a pretty good age to stay. I have red glasses and I’ve been practicing singing jazz music in the shower every day.

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