Nothing makes sense any more

Did you know men's restrooms don't have baby changing places?

That seems like a large-scale and strange enough problem that it's worth telling everyone on earth to not use public restrooms for 24 hours so they can fix it, but I guess there are millions of other oversights to fix.

Sometimes the entire world seems to me like when you and your friends want to watch a DVD and you have twenty pretty great DVDs to choose from and you use the method where every votes off one movie at a time until there's only one left and it's terrible, it's the last thing any of you would have wanted to watch and everyone looks at the case and just says "Oh no. I guess this is just the one that slipped through the cracks because no one felt strongly enough about it and now we all have to deal with it." But movies are only two hours and the world lasts an embarrassingly long time.


Some parts of the world are great though, and almost all of those parts are in the badlands.

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