Doesn't seem fixed to me.

There are a few different kinds of bikes and I don’t know all of them but I do know two kinds - single speed and fixed gear.

Single speed is the type I’m borrowing from Krissy and you can spot someone with a single speed because they are either real slow going up hills or their bike is red and has a wooden basket and they’re riding it on the beach in short denim shorts. 

Fixed gear sounds similar but it’s not. You can spot someone with a fixed gear bike because they keep moving their feet constantly, even when they’re going down hills. If they stop moving their feet the bike stops moving. I should warn l you I have done no research to back this up, I haven't even read the Wikipedia page. I know nothing about how fixed gear bikes work.

I think a lot of people might say I don’t look like someone who owns a fixed gear bike and normally I would agree with them but what they don’t know is that my dad owns a fixed gear bike and I look almost exactly like him. I could probably stand in for him at a business meeting or family reunion, if people weren’t paying too much attention.

So actually I do look like someone who owns a fixed gear bike, just one specific someone.

I hope you didn’t hope to learn anything about bikes from this.

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