Tips for young people

Here's the most useful tip you'll ever read here: the best way to do an impression of an old person, I think, is to add the word "the" before nouns. "I'm trying the yoga lately" or "Load up the Microsoft Word, and do some of the typing."

It seems like maybe taking "the" out would be a good impression of a young person but I don't know if it's that easy. I might know when I'm older.

I realized the other day that the age I've been telling everyone I am all year, and even writing on forms, is actually the age I'm turning this year. That seems like maybe a pleasant surprise but is also pretty embarrassing. I won't make these kinds of mistakes when I'm older.

This woman is 101 and I'm pretty sure she could beat me up. 

Maybe this year, when I finally turn the age I thought I already was, will be the year I get really good at doing impressions of young people. And sitting on couches like I mean business, and doing yoga. And throwing a few punches, when someone deserves it.

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