If you're the sort of person fascinated by other people's lists of life goals then get ready to get fascinated.

ONE YEAR (2013)
X Get a job as a junior writer/art director at a cool agency in Minneapolis, Portland, or New York City September 2012
Get a dog changed my mind April 2013
X Buy laundry detergent June 202

TWO YEARS (2014)

X Be published somewhere September 2016
X Run a half-marathon July 2013
X Make a commercial April 2013

X Walk the Camino August 2013

Move to Europe (Geneva, Amsterdam, London, or Paris)
Train a Canine Good Citizen
Be a non-junior
Write a book (a good one)

X Visit Asia September 2016
X Be someone’s mentor January 2013
X Make some commissioned art April 2014
Take my family on a vacation
X Be important to at least one kid July 2016

TEN YEARS (2022)
Take care of my family if they need it
Not be embarrassed about any part of my life
Have a very clean shower

Be in an art show
Be in a magazine

Learn to play backgammon